Vikings in Norway


Captured from Lofotr Viking Festival Lofoten, Norway during our week long trip. The view from the road seemed to get more and more full of mountains on our way there. We were also greeted by the most complete round rainbow I have seen on the way. Only problem was that we were prepared to camp in our Tentsile tree tent, which turned out to be challenge as there are almost no trees in Lofoten.. However we found our tree spots with pretty views after driving around the coast, which wasnt a waste of time as the view was so pretty.

On the way we saw that there were a viking festival happening in a viking museum of Lofotr so we decided to check it out. There were alot of buildings, items and people in costumes as also seen from this old viking ship with traditionally dressed sailors. This was one of my favorite shots from there as the mountains are so popularly captured already - Vikings sailing arent seen everyday..

Remember to click the image to see the whole 8K goodness.

𝜶7RII. Voigtländer 35mm f/1.4@f/8. ISO 100. 1/500s. 11.8.2018, 13:58. Lofoten, Norway

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